Health and Wellness event

Independent Perspective 1747 with Sally Perez on the Health and Wellness Event on 4-28-23 in the Falls  

Host:  Welcome to Independent Perspective, a public affairs presentation of Western New York Independent Living (WNYIL). Our guest today is Sally Perez, New York Connects (NY Connects) Independent Living Specialist at Independent Living of Niagara County (ILNC). And I'm your host, Ernie Churchwell. Welcome to the program, Sally. 

Guest: Thank you, Ernie for having me. 

 Host: We're glad that you could be with us, because in just a handful of days there is a big event and you have all the information at your fingertips. One of the reasons is because your division of the agency in NY Connects (NY Connects) is one of three co-sponsors. For people that might say oh, NY Connects is that a new cell phone service? Nothing of the sort. Could you tell us what NY Connects does? 

 Guest: Yes, Ernie, NY Connects can help you with several things. Mainly we find care and support for individuals within the community. It could be maybe they're applying for Medicaid benefits, Medicare benefits, or maybe I have to point them in the direction of one of our sponsors within the Health Fair, which is the Clarity Group. And what the Clarity Group does is they assist with multiple companies, local companies like Univera Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Wellcare those are our local insurance companies that have supplemental programs, as well as Humana which is out of the area. And they can actually tailor those supplemental programs for the individual’s need. One uniqueness about the Clarity Group is they actually have a one rating for an excellent rating for customer service. And that customer service is they can go to your home or you can meet them in their offices. They're within Western New York, which is out of Depew, New York, and they have several other locations. I wanted to also mention that we have another sponsor, Stern Physical Therapy. And the uniqueness about this company is they actually are a physical therapy company only within the home. So, the uniqueness about Stern Physical Therapy is they can actually help you with if you need a referral, they can actually contact your insurance company, get that referral and have a physical therapist within your home within a couple of days. If you also need equipment like a cane, or a walker, they can order that for you as well. 

 Host: Before we run totally out of the program, you need to tell our listeners about the big event that is coming up when and where and what is going on.  

Guest: Yes. So, we are having a health and wellness event in Niagara Falls, NY, Niagara County on April 28. The time is from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. It is going to be located at Destiny Christian Church, 905 College Avenue, Niagara Falls 14305. And we are going to have a basket raffle which is free. We are going to have free blood pressure screenings, free mobility testing, and we're going to have about 36 vendors. We sure would like to see a lot of folks out there in Niagara County. And we would like a nice turnout. We're also going to have NY Connects with the organization that I am under. And we also would like to invite the local folks in Niagara County and even Erie County. 

Host: Well, it sounds fairly comprehensive, and I gather there's no charge to attend, no requirement to RSVP or anything.  

Guest: That is correct.  

Host: So, people can just come and see what all there is for the various vendors that could assist them in their health needs. 

Guest: Yes. So, a lot of different health and wellness vendors will be there. Educating the folks that come in, they will also have free giveaways and we would like to see you out there. 

Host: All right, we are about out of time. I am sure people who have questions, how can they contact you? 

Guest: Yes, if you can give us a call here in my office. My local number here is area code 716-284-4131. And my direct extension is 207. You can ask for Sally Perez. 

Host: Thanks so much for being with Sally. 

Guest: Thank you so much. 

Host: You've been listening to Independent Perspective, a public affairs presentation of WNYIL. Our guest today was Sally Perez, NY Connects Independent Living Specialist in Niagara County, and I have been your host, Ernie Churchwell.