Addict 2 Addict, Family 2 Family

Addict 2 Addict, Family 2 Family is a Mental Health PEER Connection (MHPC) Peer-led team serving people with substance abuse disorders and families and loved ones with substance use disorders. The Addict 2 Addict team is available to those adults in Erie County who decide they are “Ready” for a new life and recovery. The Peers, in addiction recovery themselves and who have family members with addiction, share their recovery experience to those who want a solution to their addiction. The addicted Peers  help the addicted and their families and loved ones, navigate the many avenues to take, once deciding they are resolved to give it up. The recovering addicted peer informs, advocates, and provides Peer Counseling in an effort to guide the individuals in need to take the first steps in their recovery path. When you are “Ready”, call 716-836-2726 to choose a path of recovery.  You may have to leave a message and our team will get back to you.