Programs & Services

Advocacy for Individuals
An Independent Living Specialist is available to meet with you alone to discuss your needs. The Specialist can attend appointments with you and help you advocate for yourself.

Advocacy for System Change
Community accessibility affects us all. Independent Living will advocate for needed changes with community leaders and offer technical assistance.

Aged, Blind & Disabled Medicaid Application Assistance Program
Funded by the New York State Department of Health (DOH), the Medicaid Application Assistance Program (MAAP) helps individuals who are over 65, certified blind and/or disabled regardless of age, to apply for programs through Department of Social Services, including, Community Medicaid programs, Medicaid Buy-In for Working People with Disabilities, Medicaid Spend-Down, Managed Long Term Care (MLTC), and Nursing Home/Chronic Care Coverage. This program was created to ensure the Aged, Blind and Disabled have access to comprehensive, affordable health insurance. We have a team of experienced enrollment staff throughout Western New York who are ready to assist you with the application process for Medicaid.

ARTiculations Exhibition
For artists with disabilities; juried competition to have art work exhibited in our reception area for a group or solo show.   

CDPAS Program (Member Directed Personal Assistant Services)
Have your members become the supervisor of their own personal assistant. If you have members with a need for personal assistance and who have functional limitations that prevent them from performing daily maintenance and personal tasks, having CONTROL over the daily decisions of life, is key for your member to get what they want out of life. To Take Control and use this service, your member must be eligible for personal assistant services; have a working telephone in their home; and be a self-directing person who can understand the decisions about medical needs and implement them. For more information on contracting or questions or concerns, please call: 716-836-0822.

Benefits Advisement
It can be difficult to navigate the Social Security system. An Independent Living Specialist will help you create an online account and work with you through the entire process.

An Independent Living Specialist will help you create a budget and make informed suggestions on how to cut costs and work savings into your plans.

Educational Coaching
Bring an Independent Living Specialist  to your next CSE (Committee on Special Education) meeting, someone can be there for both the parent and student.

Independent Living does not provide housing. However, we do provide information on options in the community.

Information & Referral
Independent Living Specialists are experts in identifying community resources. Call us for any situation when you are unsure of where to turn.

Job Search
There is an Independent Living Specialist available to help you with all your job search needs. Computer access, assistance with on-line applications, cover letters, resumes, interview tips, references and more.

Life Skills
We can visit your home to instruct in basic cooking, housekeeping, shopping, “to do” lists, laundry, and much more.

Loan Closet
FREE (gently used) medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, shower benches, raised toilet seats, portable ramps, and more based on availability.   

Peer Counseling
An Independent Living Specialist is someone who’s walked a mile in your shoes. We are here to listen without judging. If you are interested in setting goals, we can help establish a plan and provide support as you work towards those goals.

Ticket to Work
A Social Security program designed to assist people receiving SS benefits with a return to the workforce while maintaining their benefits.

Transition Services for Youth & Seniors
Are you a young adult considering leaving the nest? Are you (or do you have a loved one) who is living in an institution and would like to return to the community? Speak with an Independent Living Specialist regarding options and community resources available to you.

Transportation Services
Residents of Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming Counties can be transported roundtrip to and from our office to meet with an Independent Living Specialist for FREE. Other transportation services are available, please call to discuss your eligibility and needs.

319 West Main St., Batavia, NY 14020  Phone: 585-815-8501 (Voice / TTD)