Success Stories

A 58-year-old woman who was sent to a nursing home for rehabilitation, "Lilly" developed gangrene in her leg.  While the nursing home staff attempted to treat it, they denied her request to see a different medical provider.  By the time Lilly was finally permitted to see an outside doctor, it had worsened, and her leg had to be amputated.  After the operation, Lilly was transferred from rehabilitation to long-term nursing, which resulted in her Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) being reduced to $30 per month, with the balance of the money going to pay for her nursing home medical bill.  With the loss of funds, Lilly was no longer able to pay her own rent, causing her to lose her residence and all of her possessions.  While she continued to live at the nursing home, Lilly was decompensating mentally from the inadequate care and the restrictions on her movement. 

Our Independent Living Specialist (ILS) met Lilly at the nursing home, explained the New York State Department of Health's Olmstead Housing Subsidy grant, which made her very interested in returning to the community.  Most recently, Lilly has signed a lease, has received the keys to her new apartment, and is waiting on furniture -- paid for by Olmstead -- to be delivered so she can move in.  Knowing that soon she will be back in charge of her own life, “living as a grown woman should”, Lilly is very hopeful and doing much better mentally.