Open Doors

Opendoors/Money Follows the Person (MFP) is a program designed to assist persons move out of nursing homes and institutional care and back into the community, linking them with services that would meet their needs to assist them to be independent in the community of their choice.

MFP is completely voluntary, however there are requirements to participate:

  • Participant must have spent at least 90 days in facility
  • Participant must have Medicaid
  • Participant must be transitioning from a qualifying setting (nursing home or other institutionalized setting)

Participants ideally would have health care needs that can be met through services available in the community. Staff then will access what services would best assist the participant’s safe transition. This will allow the participant to be independent in the community by receiving services such as:

  • Personal Assistants to assist with daily living skills in their home
  • Transportation to get around in the community
  • Adult day programs
  • Physical Therapy at home
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Referral to Health Homes to ensure health needs are met

MFP does assist in finding housing, i.e. filling out apartment applications and following up on status of waiting lists. MFP will also follow up with participants after they are in the community with phone calls and periodic visits.