NYSOFA Director Greg Olsen: Get Vaccinated Now!

Hello friends and partners,

Governor Cuomo's vaccination program is in full swing in New York State. It's safe, effective, and free. In the past several days, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have chosen to get vaccinated, bringing our state closer to getting "back to normal." We're close to the finish line, and in a marathon, you don't stop when you're about to win the race. You put your head down and keep running hard. 

In this video, I discuss the science behind the vaccine and offer resources for New Yorkers who wish to make their vaccination appointment. The New York State Office for the Aging has been working diligently at getting the word out about keeping our friends and family safe. We want everyone to know that by getting vaccinated and calculating your own risk of getting the virus by taking the COVID-19 CheckUp released by the agency and Governor Cuomo last fall, we can beat COVID-19.

We're asking our partners to link to this video on social media channels. We're not letting up until we've reached a point where everyone can feel safe. We'd appreciate your help.

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Thank you,

Greg Olsen

Director, New York State Office for the Aging