Mental Health Peer Connection

Mental Health Peer Connection is part of the Western New York Independent Living family of agencies.  When you meet with a “peer”, you are meeting with someone just like you. All of the people who work for MHPC have lived experience and talk to you as an equal.

What is “lived experience?”

Lived experience is “individuals who have lived through the experience of being given a mental health diagnosis, extreme states, trauma, being a ‘client’ or ‘consumer’ within the mental health system..”

What is Recovery?

“Recovery is a process, a way of life, an attitude, and a way of approaching the day’s challenges. It is not a perfectly linear process. At times our course is erratic and we falter, slide back, regroup and start again … The need is to meet the challenge of the disability and to re-establish a new and valued sense of integrity and purpose within and beyond the limits of the disability; the aspiration is to live, work, and love in a community in which one makes a significant contribution.” (Patricia Deegan, 1988)

Click HERE for the Video “I am the Face of Recovery” from M.H.P.C.

Why Would I want to talk to a “peer?”

Not Without Us

“Not Without Us”

Talking with someone who has been there is incredibly powerful. It lets you know you are not alone. It also lets you know that if we can do it and so can you. Click HERE for more information about Benefits of Working with a Peer Run Agency.

We have been there…

We have been in institutions, in prison, and on benefits. We know exactly what you are going through because we have gone through it ourselves.

Benefits of Working with a Peer

Peers know how to stay out of the institutions, get off government benefits and become independent, work with you to overcome your own personal barriers, and teach you how advocate for what you need, when you need it. We will teach you about making choices for yourself which are best for you and show you ways to manage and cope on your own terms.

We can also help you with day-to-day issues such as transportation, personal finance, and job skills.

If you need help getting a job or living independently, we can help you make that happen. We also have many support groups that you can take part in.

MHPC exists to empower people to achieve recovery and mental wellness and health; to take charge of their life and overcome the stigma and obstacles society places in our way. We help you, through peer support to become independent. We have been there and can help you to recover successfully.

For more information about our services and programs, please call 716-836-0822.