Addict 2 Addict; Family 2 Family Peer and Family Support: Addict 2 Addict; Family 2 Family Peer and Family Support is a MHPC Peer lead team serving people with substance abuse disorders and families and loved ones with substance use disorders. The Addict 2 Addict team is available to those adults in Erie County who decide they are “Ready” for a new life and recovery. The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will respond to a call within 24 hours. The peers, in addiction recovery themselves and who have family members with addiction, share their recovery experience to those deciding they are “Ready”. The recovering peers help the addicted and their families and loved ones, navigate the many avenues to take once deciding they are “Ready” to give it up. The recovering peer informs, advocates, and provides Peer Counseling in an effort to guide the individuals in need to take the first steps in their recovery path. Call 716-836-2726 when you are “Ready” to choose a path of recovery.


Wellness Coaching: Wellness Coaching is designed to provide support to individuals with a mental health diagnosis in achieving personal, and/or professional goals. These goals increase and improve their quality of life in the areas of mental and physical health, housing and community

integration, daily needs, independent living skills and life management skills.


"Job Club" and Employment Support Program: The "Job Club" is a program designed to assist people with mental health diagnosis in obtaining and maintaining employment in their community. Support Services are provided in assisting with developing interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, job searching, peer support, and life management.  These employment supports have proven long term, positive outcomes for people with mental health diagnosis in the reduction of hospitalization, and increased mental and physical wellness.


Benefits Advisement Program: Benefits Advisement is a program designed to assist people with mental health diagnoses in obtaining/maintaining government benefits in order to manage their disability. A benefits advisor is trained and certified through the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) or Cornell University to provide:

  • information & referral,
  • advocacy,  and
  • peer counseling in obtaining SSI, SSDI, Social Services (Health Insurance, Food Stamps, Cash Assistance) benefits and maintaining them.


Erie County Medical Center Peer Advocate: At Erie County Medical Center, Mental Health Peer Connection has an individual who works directly at the  hospital, in the psychiatric floor. This individual is a "peer" who advocates on behalf of mental health patients while in the hospital and assists them with smooth discharge in the community. This peer advocate serves as a voice and support for individuals as they enter the psychiatric floor, to ensure proper treatment, that the patient's choices and voice are heard, and to ensure that each individual receives the referrals and linkages that are needed to return home, to reduce the likelihood of return to hospitalization.


Other Services Provided at MHPC: Mental Health Peer Connection is comprised of "Peers" provide services to people with mental health issues  by persons with mental health diagnosis. Each employee is hired to serve individuals who need support with education, employment, benefits, coaching, and goals in his or her life. Peers assist within the community, the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, Erie County Medical Center, support those being released from NY State Prisons, Mental Health Court, and/or the Erie County Holding Center.


Other Services that Mental Health Peers Offer include:

• Independent Living Plans

• Independent Living Skills Evaluations

• Quality of Life Self-Assessments

• Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP)

• Person Centered Plans

• Community Integration Skills

• Benefits Advisement

• Work Support Job Club

• Peer Self-Help Groups

• Transition Services from Institution to the Community

• Advocacy

• Peer Counseling

• Support to people with mental health issues who are  leaving the state hospital or being released from prison




3108 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214  (716) 836-0822 (Voice/TDD)  (716) 835-3967 (Fax)