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The Independent Living Center of Erie County, is located at 3108 Main Street, Buffalo New York, near the LaSalle Subway Station, and two blocks from the University of Buffalo, South Campus.


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Our services include:

  • Open Door

    This program is designed to provide any nursing home resident with a disability and/or their family about the opportunity to understand the rights of residents in long-term care facilities and the options available to him or her to return to the community and housing of his or her choice.

  • Independent Living Skills

    One of the core services that every independent living center offers is "independent living skills." These skills are taught to assist each person with a disability the skill set that he or she may need to remain independent in the home and/or community in which he or she chooses.


    These skills may include budgeting, cleaning, cooking,transportation (public or private,) education, vocational, social skills, advocacy, etc. Each skill assists the individual in obtaining a goal on his or her Independent Living Plan (ILP).

  • Medicaid Service Coordination

    Medicaid Service Coordination assists any individual with a disability, who is Medicaid eligible or living with a developmental disability to achieve goals and programs needed. The person who assists the consumer is called a Medicaid Service Coordinator.


    At WNY Independent Living, we provide this service/program, to individuals with disabilities. Our goal of  is to offer  Medicaid Service Coordination and assistance in connecting people with disabilities the ability to receive the services that he or she needs, through navigation and coordination of the large and sometimes confusing, Medicaid system.

  • Resources for People with

    Developmental Disabilities

    Services are available through the Office of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

  • Health Home Coordination (HHUNY)

    Health Home Upstate New York (HHUNY) is a care management service model whereby all of an individual’s caregivers communicate with one another so that all of a patient’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. Care Coordination is offered through a “care manger or patient navigator” that oversees and provides access to all of the services an individual needs to assure that they receive everything necessary to stay healthy, out of the emergency room and out of the hospital.


    The goal of Health Home Coordination is to offer individuals with two more chronic illnesses the opportunity to manage their health with the assistance of the Health Home Coordinator, referrals and ongoing management of his or her health. The Health Home Navigator is available to assist each individual in planning and meeting his or her health-related needs, to reduce of the use of long term hospital use and increase their abilities and knowledge, which leads to an increased quality and longevity of life.


  • Loan Closet

    The Loan Closet offers FREE (gently used) medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, shower benches, raised toilet seats, portable ramps, and more based on availability.  Call 716-836-0822 ext. 126, if you want to see if the equipment available for loan.

    WNY Independent Living, Inc. receives $5,780 grant from Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

    for its “Assistive Technology for Western New York” Initiative

  • Aged, Blind & Disabled
    Medicaid Application Assistance Program

    Funded by the New York State Department of Health (DOH), the Medicaid Application Assistance Program (MAAP) helps individuals who are over 65, certified blind and/or disabled regardless of age, to apply for programs through Department of Social Services, including, Community Medicaid programs,  Medicaid Buy-In for Working People with Disabilities, Medicaid Spend-Down, Managed Long Term Care (MLTC), and Nursing Home/Chronic Care Coverage.


    This program was created to ensure the Aged, Blind and Disabled have access to comprehensive, affordable health insurance. We have a team of experienced enrollment staff throughout Western New York who are ready to assist you with the application process for Medicaid.

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