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  • History

    Healthy Minds of Niagara (HMN) is a peer-run recovery center founded by Roger Marciszewski, in response to the government closure of a local clubhouse in the city of Niagara Falls. He approached local and state community administrators with his

    vision of opening up a non-for profit recovery center for individuals with a mental health condition where they could go to receive peer support, advocacy and referral services.

  • Progress

    In two years, HMN has made great strides towards achieving their objectives. Under the guidance of their

    chosen fiduciary, Independent Living of Niagara County (ILNC) HMN’s current goals are:

    • Finalization of By-Laws

    • Grant Development

    • Funding

  • Outreach

    Individuals within the mental health community are welcomed to attend meetings, become a member, receive services and participate in HMN programs. Committee meetings are designed to achieve objectives set forth by members as HMN evolves into becoming Niagara County’s leading source for peer support and advocacy.

  • Our Vision Statement

    HMN is a Peer-Run Recovery Group dedicated to being the catalyst for empowering individuals seeking

    freedom and recovery from the stigma of mental health issues.

  • Community Support

    HMN is supported by the following Agencies:

    • Independent Living of Niagara County

    • Community Missions of Niagara

    • Mental Health Association

    • The Dale Association

    • Office of Mental Health

  • Contact Information

    For more information call (716) 284-4131 ext. 200


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