This program is offered to individuals who are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare and are in need of an aide in his or her home in order to remain living in the community. This program provides aides who assist with hygiene, cleaning, attending appointments, etc.

Taking Control will allow you to become the supervisor of your own personal assistant services. You
can hire who you choose (subject to some restrictions), train them in the areas important to your needs, and 
supervise their work on a daily basis.

Tasks are not as limited as they are in a traditional-care aide plan. If a personal assistant does not work well for you, you can replace them.

Eligible consumers must be on Medicaid, be self-directing and have some form of a disability. Or, if referred by Office of Aging in counties we serve.

You are restricted from employing members of your direct family. These include:

  • a spouse (husband or wife)

  • designated representative

"Taking Control gives me the opportunity to schedule my own life, to decide for myself when I should get out of bed or have a meal.  And hiring my own personal care attendants means I know who’s coming into my home  everyday, and that gives me peace of mind. When I 'take control,' it’s just one more step towards independence.”

- John, Taking Control Consumer

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