Casting Call

WNYIL is looking for individuals who are interested in helping us to develop a commercial for our services.

If you meet any of the following situations and are interested, and are willing to be paid for your time, please send an email to:
email subject line: casting call

WNYIL is seeking people who meet any of the following:

  1. Man or woman who uses a manual wheelchair and is able to open a door.
  2. Man or woman who uses a walker and is able to make a bed.
  3. A man or woman who has low vision and needs magnification to read mail and/or prescription bottles

We are interested in people who consider themselves as seniors, people of color, and as noted any gender. If you are not a person over the age of 60 and have the above mentioned functional limitations and rely on the aforementioned assistive technologies, please consider applying.

WNYIL will pay for your time.