Work Support
In 2016, 510 people set goals of employment. 22% obtained these goals which entailed working more than 90 days, 15 hours or more per week.

Benefits Advisement
In 2016, over 200 people sought help in determining their benefits upon entering the work force. 84% of individuals served, maintained transitional work benefits. 88% of individuals served with benefits fully determined, 76% of individuals served meeting all certification requirements or re-certified on time.

Life Coaching – the goals for Quality of Life
In 2015, out of 510 people, 386 set goals of improving areas of their life, over 50% with the help of PEER wellness coaching obtained their goals. Of 210 people who set goals of developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (Mary Ellen Copeland’s evidence based research of crisis prevention) 57% followed through in developing and implementing their Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

Mobile Transition Team with Crisis Services
In 2016, of 111 people with long histories numerous psychiatric hospital admissions, 74% successfully transitioned in the community without being readmitted to the hospital or becoming lethal for at least 90 days upon discharge.

Erie County Medical Center, Behavioral Health Units
In 2016, MHPC peers, saw over 2600 individuals and completed 1502 referrals to peer services after psychiatric discharge. MHPC peers attended approximately 170 treatment team meetings, which means peers influenced clinicians; including therapists and psychiatrists, in providing Intentional Peer Support for individuals after discharge.

Critical Intervention Team with Crisis Services
In 2016, MHPC peers had educated over 250 law enforcement officers in Erie County on understanding mental illness and the peer perspective on the delivery of service in order to prevent negative consequences of people with mental health issues involved with Law Enforcement. This prevented countless positive results of people staying out of trouble with Law Enforcement.

Community Support
20+ community based self-help groups a week. Self-help is when a group of people that share common trials and tribulations overcome them, and succeed in living in the community.

Addict 2 Addict, Family 2 Family
From July to December 2016, 100% of people who called the A2A line and asked for help and said “they were ready” followed through with getting the help of their choice. 100% (over 250 calls) of all the calls were responded to within 2 hours.

Mission Statement
The Mental Health Peer Connection is a peer-driven advocacy organization dedicated to facilitating self-directed growth, wellness and choice through genuine peer mentoring. 

Our Vision
"Peers Empowering Peers Together"

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