ADA 30th anniversary

Dear Friend of the Disability Community:

Please consider becoming a sponsor of Western New York’s largest regionwide Disability Pride Parade and Festival in Western New York. This multi-county activity observes the passage of the Americans with Disability Act (30th anniversary) and provides an opportunity for WNY’s citizens to interact, participate in, and learn about the abilities and capabilities of people with disabilities while enjoying the day-long event together.

Beginning with a one-mile parade through downtown Buffalo, and ending at Canalside, dozens of community organizations, hundreds of people with and without disabilities, meet with another thousand or more individuals in a festival atmosphere to celebrate the contributions of people with disabilities in our neighborhoods, our communities, and in our society. 

Entertainment, activities, food, and water events are just a few of the offerings that all people from our WNY region can take advantage of without costs to them.

Your sponsorship will enhance our ability to continue our 3 decades of honoring one of America’s greatest contributions to equal rights for all her people.

Please consider becoming a:

Freedom Sponsor  $2500; Gives you or your business/organization signage at the Canalside park and festival area, recognition on the community flyers, posters and social media, recognition each half-hour over the public address system, a full page ad in the program, and your sponsorship recognition on all of our public service announcements on the Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service.

Independence Sponsor  $1,000;  Provides you and/ or your business sole recognition and signage for one of the following events/activities;
a.    Stage
b.    Vendor’s Tent
c.    Food+Drink area
d.    Water Sports
e.    Children’s area
And a half-page ad in the festival program and the flyers, posters, and social media, as well as sponsor recognition every hour on the public address system.

Empowerment Sponsor  $500; Gives you recognition in the program, hourly recognition on the event’s public address system and on the flyers, posters, and social media.

Education Sponsor  $250; Gives you recognition in the program and social media.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of Western New York’s largest Disability Pride and Festival this year. Your contribution to this exciting event will ensure that our family members, friends, and neighbors with disabilities will be empowered knowing that you believe in full and equal participation for all in our great America.

We thank you in advance for your generous consideration.

Daniel Colpoys
WNY Disability Pride Committee Chair

Sponsorship letter