ILNC Addict-to-Addict Peer Support Specialist

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TITLE: ILNC Addict-to-Addict Peer Support Specialist

DESCRIPTION: Provide Rapid Peer Support Services to individuals being treated in Hospital Emergency Rooms throughout Niagara County, due to a substance use medical emergency.


  1. Provide Peer Contact, by responding within a 2, 12, or 24 hour time frame, to patients, presenting in Emergency Rooms, due to substance use, who are referred to the team by medical personnel.
  2. Meet individuals admitted to the emergency room, for substance use disorders, and inform them about recovery and sharing personal recovery story.
  3. Provide Peer counseling to patients in making informed decisions regarding seeking help with substance use disorder.
  4. Provide information and referral to individual and family supporters in navigating services available to prevent reoccurrence.
  5. Be a liaison with hospital, treatment, family and community providers in linking individuals to proper support in the community, once discharged, avoiding future substance abuse episode.
  6. Facilitate at least two Community Forums per month, throughout Niagara County, in addressing the needs of dealing with substance use disorder.
  7. Provide immediate follow through, once discharged from the hospital, in making initial contact with positive community and/or medical supports.
  8. Be a liaison and advocate with existing medical and community supports.
  9. Provide peer support during times when traditional treatment services are unavailable, which includes after business hours, weekends and some holidays.
  10. Offer to develop a WRAP and Independent Living Assessment to those being served who are interested.
  11. Provide the peer perspective to professional providers and family in an effort to understand the perspective of the individual being served.
  12. Communicate and collaborate with professional providers the activities being done with the individuals being served. Empower individuals being served to make fully informed decisions.
  13. Responsible, when on call, to respond to calls from the answering service in a timely manner.
  14. Accurately document consumer services and required paperwork in WNYIL's SPR database, as well as the Consumer Service Record (CSR), within two (2) business days of the date of service.
  15. Maintain a neat, clean and safe work environment.
  16. Perform any other duties as deemed legally and ethically necessary by the supervisor.

SUPERVISION: Works under the direct supervision of Director of Independent Living of Niagara County (ILNC).

STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE: Must at all times perform in a professional, conscientious and efficient manner for the purpose of ensuring a better quality of life for persons with disabilities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in social work, rehabilitation counseling, psychology, or related human services field, and one (1) year work experience with disabled adults; or an Associate’s Degree in the above fields with two (2) years related experience; or a High School Diploma or GED with Three (3) years related experience. Professional and life experience may be considered in lieu of, in full or part of academic credentials. Must enroll and complete Peer Specialist Certification through Academy of Peer Services within the introductory period. Criminal background check will be conducted. The applicant must also be a current or former consumer of mental health services. Niagara County residents encouraged to apply.

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Reasonable accommodations will be made for people with disabilities.

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is a scent free agency.

CLOSING DATE: June 12, 2018


Tina Brown, CHRCO
WNY Independent Living, Inc.
3108 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214