ILGR - Taking Control Consumer Administrator


TITLE:  ILGR - Taking Control Consumer Administrator

DESCRIPTION:  Coordinate, monitor, and enroll individuals as consumers/employersin the Taking Control programin the ILGR regional service area. Promote the expansion and positive impacts of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Service (CDPAS) within the region.


  1. Receive all consumer referrals for CDPAS services from the Taking Control Director and healthcare plans.
  2. Immediately report and forward all consumers’ referrals from healthcare plans for CDPAS services to the Director of Taking Control.
  3. Contact consumers and conduct consumers’ intakes for participation in the Taking Control program within one week of receipt of the referral.
  4. Review, train and provide all necessary information for consumers to fully understand and utilize the Taking Control program.
  5. Accurately enter all relevant consumer intake data as well as documentation of any future meeting or conversation with the consumer, any individual on behalf of the consumer or the consumer’s Managed Care Organization (MCO)/Management Long Term Care (MLTC)/Local Department of Social Services (LDSS) into Taking Control’s databases within 24 hours of contact.
  6. Directly contact Taking Control staff within 24 hours of the completion of consumer processing so that Personal Assistant (PA) recruitment can begin (Accounting, Quality Assurance Data Entry Specialist, Director of Taking Control and Personal Assistant Specialist).
  7. Collaborate with the ILGR PA Specialist in the provision of new PA orientations, as needed.
  8. Upon notification that a PA is ready to work, contact the Taking Control consumer within one business day advising them of their PA’s readiness to work.
  9. Assist and/or educate consumers how to hire, monitor, and/or terminate PAs. Provide consumer referrals to the Independent Living Center for an Independent Living Specialist (ILS), if requested.
  10. Communicate with third-party payers, when appropriate, regarding authorizations, re-authorizations, consumer’s inability to self-direct,and all other applicable contractual obligations affecting consumer’s service.
  11. Report any issues/complaints regarding consumer’s service and/or recruitment as per the Taking Control complaint process within 24 hours of awareness and/or resolution.
  12. Review the eligibility list produced by the Accounting Department within 24 hours of release. Investigate and resolve authorization and/or eligibility issues. Document into the consumer’s electronic record all efforts towards resolution within 24 hours of occurrence.
  13. Review the Utilization Report produced by the Compliance Department within 24 hours of release. Identify any assigned consumer having excessive underutilization of allocated hours. Immediately contact the consumers to identify reasons for the underutilization of hours and offer assistance and/or guidance if needed. Report any concerns regarding self-direction to the Corporate Compliance office immediately for further investigation.
  14. Review the daily “Care Alerts”, distributed by the Corporate Compliance Department. Identify any assigned consumers and immediately follow-up on needed action affecting consumers’ services.


  1. Act as the point of contact for the consumers for the regional Taking Control team to insure a successful, quick, and efficient start for consumers enrolling into the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Service.
  2. Act as the point of contact for the consumer for the Taking Control regional team in resolving consumers’ concerns/issues quickly and effectively.
  3. Coordinate services with MCO/MLTC/LDSS, troubleshoot problems and work in partnership with them to quickly resolve consumers’ concerns.
  4. Actively seek new partnerships with MCO/MLTC/LDSS to expand the CDPAS program in ILGR’s regional service area.
  5. Follow all processes outlined in the Taking Control Procedure Manual.
  6. Ensure allactivities are compliant as per the Agency’s Corporate Compliance Plan.
  7. Provide direct supervision to the part time Taking Control File Clerk.
  8. Immediately refer any allegations/issues involving fraud, waste, or abuse to the Corporate Compliance Department.
  9. Attend bi-weekly cross teams Taking Control meetings.
  10. Respond to all telephone calls within 24 hours.
  11. Participate in networking and outreach to other community providers to educate and develop relationships for the growth of the program.
  12. Meet and coordinate program policies, practices and procedures of the Taking Control Program with WNYIL’s Director of Taking Control. Report program concerns to ensure agency-wide consistency with actions and decisions that have a program impact.
  13. Participate in the Taking Control Consumer Advisory Council.
  14. Accurately document consumer/PA services in WNYIL’ s ECR/HRIS within two (2) business days of the date of service.
  15. Participate in maintaining a neat, clean, and safe work environment.
  16. Perform all duties deemed legally and ethically necessary by the supervisor.

SUPERVISION:  Works under the direct supervision of the Director of Independent Living of the Genesee Region.

STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE:  Must always perform ina professional, conscientious, and efficient manner for ensuring a better quality of life for persons with disabilities.

QUALIFICATIONS:  The successful candidate will possess:

  • Associate degreeplus one (1) year of general office experience;


  • High School Diploma, or equivalency, with three (3) years of general office experience;


  • Five (5) years of general office experience.


  • Professional and life experience may be considered in lieu of, in full or part of academic credentials.
  • Selected candidate must have reliable transportation and have excellent organizational skills.
  • Residents of the Genesee, Orleans, Wyoming areas are encouraged to apply.

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is an EqualOpportunity Employer.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for people with disabilities.

Western NewYork Independent Living, Inc. is a Scent-Free agency.

SALARY RANGE:  $40,000 to $44,000

CLOSING DATE:  April 6, 2021


Tina Brown, CHRCO

WNY Independent Living, Inc.

3108 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14214