TITLE:  ILC - Director of Independent Living Services

DESCRIPTION:  This position is responsible for the supervision of the various specialists within the department, overseeing billing activity, monitoring outcomes, developing programming, identifying consumer trends and addressing advocacy issues.


  1. Responsible for the supervision of identified programs, including:

a. Monitoring the progress of programs.
b. Evaluating the impact of the programs.
c. Achieve and report the progress of program goals to appropriate funding sources.

  1. Supervise program and administrative staff according to WNYIL policies, procedures, and practices, including:

a. Recruitment
b. Hiring
c. Evaluation of staff
d. Termination of staff

  1. Request the acquisition of budgeted goods and services necessary for the operation of programs.
  2. Monitor consumers’ service records to ensure that consumer data and reporting of services are complete and correct.
  3. Coordinate and ensure accuracy of the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  4. Identify consumer trends and potential systemic advocacy issues.
  5. Conduct and collect the results of WNYIL’s consumer satisfaction measuring tools and report results to WNYIL’s Administration.
  6. Complete ongoing training and education necessary to meet the supervision qualifications of identified programs.
  7. Must complete NYS CASE Trainings within the first 12 months of employment.
  8. Oversee and supervise Ticket to Work (TTW) and New York State Employment Service System (NYESS) activity.
  9. Participate in maintaining a neat, clean and safe work environment.
  10. Perform any other duties as deemed legally and ethically necessary by the Supervisor.

SUPERVISION:  Works under the supervision of the Chief Operations Officer.

STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE:  Must at all times perform in a professional, conscientious, and efficient manner for the purpose of ensuring a better quality of life for persons with disabilities.


  • At minimum, a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and at least two years (2) of relevant experience delivering vocational services to individuals with disabilities;


  • Bachelor’s Degree and at least four years (4) of relevant experience delivering vocational services to individuals with disabilities.


Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for people with disabilities.

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is a Scent-Free Agency.


SALARY RANGE:  $60,000 to $70,000

CLOSING DATE:  March 25, 2021


Tina Brown, CHRCO
WNY Independent Living, Inc.
3108 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14214